Kindred Kids is here for you!

Kindred kids is a non profit lending library for children with differing abilities. We provide a
lending library of toys, books and equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, communication
devices etc.)

We chose the name "Kindred Kids" because there are commonalities shared by all kids.
but their needs as children are the same.

Who better to help kids....but kids. By donating their toys, time and friendship, the kids will
get more out of this adventure than they put in! (and so will the grown ups!)

We are seeking donations of toys and materials to be used in the lending library as well
as to be sold to the general public to earn some of our funding for the organization. We
use the proceeds from donated toys to purchase equipment to provide for the special
needs of the kids. We are like a recycling facility for gently used toys. Supporters can
drop off their used toys for a tax deductible donation and can also purchase different toys
at very reasonable prices for their own children's use. Any toys that work for therapy will
be put into the lending library for the children with differing abilities to borrow for free.

We also appreciate and accept donations of materials from corporations (examples: toys,
craft supplies, books, batteries for the toys, cleaning supplies, containers for storage etc.)
So if you own or know of a potential corporate sponsor/resource...please share!

In addition to our lending library, we serve as a community resource for not only the kids,
but also for the parents in the form of hosting play groups, support groups, informational
groups and advocacy groups.

Our organization is run by volunteers in an environment that is totally kid friendly. We
encourage volunteers to bring their kids with them. This is another intersection place for
the kids to make friends as well as for the adults to make friends, too.
Kindred Kids, Inc.
951 W. James Street
Columbus, WI 53925

Call for hours
of operation
or an appointment:
(608) 438-5844

Arrange for a
donation pick-up:
(608) 438-5844

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