Donations of time, treasure or talent are greatly appreciated. Our organization is run by
kids with them. This is another intersection place for you and your children to make

What Do We Need?

  • Are you looking for a great cause to support with your treasure?
  • Can you donate two hours a month to help staff the location?
  • Would you be willing to post fliers about our organization?
  • Do you work with a group looking to do a service project? Boy or Girl Scouts?
    Church Youth Groups?
  • Would the company you work for be willing to donate their services or products?
  • Do you have a talent you’d like to share? For example, sewing blanket covers for
    kids in wheelchairs or Velcro tote bags to hang on walking devices (materials and
    patterns supplied).
  • Can you do simple repairs on toys?
  • Are you connected with OT, PT, Speech and Language Therapists, or Special
    Education Services? If you are we look forward to serving you and your kids!
    Contact us!

Please let us know if you have...

  • Information about grants or funding opportunities
  • Experience in writing grant proposals
  • Resource information
  • Organizational abilities
  • Computer skills
  • Accounting skills
  • Graphic Design skills
  • The willingness to speak with corporations about donations
  • The desire to serve on our advisory board
Kindred Kids, Inc.
951 W. James Street
Columbus, WI 53925

Call for hours
of operation
or an appointment:
(608) 438-5844

Arrange for a
donation pick-up:
(608) 438-5844